Autumn/Winter 2015

16 January 2015

Carlo Brandelli’s work for Kilgour, always focuses on contemporary tailoring. Every season a new set of ‘layers’ is added to the developing process and archive. This season, the aesthetic focus for the collection has begun with the idea of ‘thread’. Thread is the key component to all design. The presentation within the multi-use Kilgour flagship space in Savile Row, was built around an installation of fibre optic thread. Continually referencing the bespoke craft, this season, the designs and investigations for the collection primarily focus on:

The development of a Kilgour ‘K’ lapel and front

Aysemetric tailoring

New impression pocket details

Silk overlay edges

A study on expressing ‘seams’

The idea of dressing formally through layering, a link to the paper pattern process

New developments in the collar and lapel propositions for knotch overlay, contemporary peak, reduced knotch and angle shawl

  • Installation of fibre optic thread within the multi-use Kilgour flagship space on Savile Row.